Hair transplant in India

Hello friends I am writing some article regarding Hair Transplant Centre in India I want that after reading this article you people will aware of some fake Centres and you people will get some good Centres for yourself and also the main motive of this article is to tell you people some good points regarding the hair transplant and how this technique is good to retain back your hair and how you will find some good centre’s and how your approach the doctor and how you have to proceed for this hair transplant surgery and how much is the cost of the hair transplant?

So all these question of the audience will be cleared in this article but there is a great demand of hair transplant that I am damn sure especially hair transplant in India and its state like Punjab because people from this state are in abroad so if they need any surgery or any medical need they visit the website of the doctors and book their appointment and they are feel very satisfied from the doctors here in India because there are two main reason why the people visit India for the treatment first one is cost ration there is a lot of difference in cost of the patients those patients who visited India they are damn sure that they save their half of the money as in abroad the cost of medical surgeries and consultancy so India is one of the world famous country for the medical tourism and the people from the abroad visiting India every year and especially some states like Mumbai, Chandigarh , Punjab etc so this article main motive is to aware you people that whenever you visit India you people have the knowledge about the states where you get good treatment for your medical. So let’s discuss about the hair transplant centre in India. In India when I last visited I am from Canada and last winter I visited India for hair transplant and I search over the internet and I found Dr Vikas Gupta who is no one doctor in this field and he has done very good well I am totally satisfied with the hair transplant that he has done of mine. He is using FUE and FUT techniques both techniques he is using for hair transplant and I am very glad to meet him. I spent around two laces on my hair transplant but at the end Hundred percent result which he promised and he has done one of the great jobs. His centre is in Ludhiana which is one of the very beautiful cities of state Punjab of India and there you will find some good Centres of infertility and good centre for dental treatment too. Because there is a lot of centre’s and some big hospital like DMC, CMC, Apollo hospitals are there in that city which are very good medical college too so a lot of doctors there in this city and they have done very well and they have their own centre’s now and you people feel good satisfaction when you visit their centre’s


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Dr. Vikas Gupta

I am Dr. Vikas Gupta I am hair transplant treatment specialist. I am tackled 2500 plus hair surgeries successfully. I using two types of techniques. FUE and FUT. You can check Hair Transplant Cost in Ludhiana Punjab India.

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