Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair Replacement Surgery
Hair Replacement Surgery

We all know this fact that Hair replacement surgery is not a new concept in the field of mankind but it is more than seven decades old now. It in reality has been evolved from such a rare procedure which was usually adopted by surgeons to treat the patients who severely deformed from burns or from any accidents. This surgery use to done with the help of local anesthesia and it cover the time duration of approximately 4-5 hours. The main purpose of this surgery is to cover bald spot of the patient with hair so that again hair start growing on that particular area and they must look natural in every way. This type of surgery is mainly adopted by the surgeons to provide some benefit to that patient who are suffering from andro genetic alopecia which is also known as male pattern baldness.

Usually it is seen up to 50 percent of all men will have to face this problem at any stage of their life. Many males has to face such a huge problem of hair loss because it is their genetic problem on the other hand it is also seen that males who are suffering from changes that takes place in their hormones level also give rise to their hair fall problem which is termed as androgens. In the case of genetic loss it is assumed that person start losing his hair from the top of his head towards the crown which slowly and slowly proceeds towards the lower sides as well as the back part of the head. However along with this it is also true that sometimes due to severe diseases like cancer along with thyroid conditions males has to face hair loss problem. In the case if person is suffering from severe hair loss then he is advised to consult the doctor who after knowing the root cause of hair loss advised him to take some new medications. According to dermatologist the perfect way to know about the type of hair loss from which particular person is suffering is by judging pattern of hair loss.

But in the case if any person is suffering from falling hair problem due to his severe illness then he must remember this point that in such type of cases hair replacement surgery fails to work properly due to which patient fails to enjoy his desired look back. The main point which matters a lot in hair transplant surgery is that only in those cases this surgery may prove a source of benefit where the growth of hair on the sides and back of the head of the patient must be dense. The hair must be thick and are of good quality only then these part may effectively proves to be a donor area for the patient who is going for this surgery. Researches prove that young men who are below the age of thirty years but are suffering from balding problem usually they fails to prove a good candidate for a transplant surgery because hair loss in men and women remain continue even after surgery. Because of the continuous hair fall problem these patient may left with sides-scarce look which look very unnatural after the surgery.

To avoid such type of future complications patient needs an experienced and knowledgeable doctor so that he may able to strike the right balance and must enjoy good look. It is very necessary for the doctor to understand properly about the type of hair loss from which patient is suffering.

This is the reason that in most cases doctors likes to prescribe a few months of drug treatment for hair loss before approaching further for surgery. On the other hand in other cases doctors some time also recommend patient to go for several surgery in order to enjoy good and best result. In reality the surgery of hair transplant in India, Delhi has consisted of transplanting hair from that part of the head of the patient where growth is good and from there it shifted towards the part or to the area of baldness which are known as hair follicles. Then after the transplantation these follicles always remain in continuous growing process due to which patient may able to enjoy his desired look back at every cost.

Whole procedure of transplantation is used to perform by surgeons with the help of two main techniques which are known as Follicular unit transplantation along with Follicular Unit Extraction. Normally FUT is taken as the standard technique of transplanting hair procedure because follicles used under this technique are the natural units of hair growth which after transplanting provides perfect natural look. Under this method the surgeon tries to insert graft hair follicle by follicle to the area of baldness. These follicles used to harvest from that area of the head where hair growth is still thick. This surgery is used to perform by cutting a thin strip of skin and after cutting then the surgeon tries to dissect it under a microscope into single follicles or by shaving the area of thick growth of hair and also by extracting these follicles one by one with the help of special instrument. The main reason due to which FUE hair transplant procedure becomes famous in the field of hair transplant surgery is that this process of hair transplantation is painless and the patient can assume its result soon.

There is no doubt that whole process of hair transplantation is tiresome because in completing whole process it normally takes a time of couple of hours. The whole procedure of surgery becomes painless due to the presence of local anesthesia which is given to the patient at the time of surgery. After giving anesthesia tiny sites are created by the surgeon with the help of fine needles and also with the help of sharp blades. Other surgeons also like to take those hair which use to exist in the other part of the body but in the case of thin growth they suggest or like to go for artificial hair fibers in which risk of carry infections is too high because they may start smelling like other parts of the body use to do.


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