Why FUE hair transplant treatment is better?


FUE hair transplant is one of the best and advanced technique of hair transplantation. This is the very efficient process and the donor’s hairs are removed from the scalp for the transplant and there is no need of any strip of tissues. FUE hair transplant is a simply invasive technique. One of the prominent reason why FUT hair transplant is so popular in India is, it leaves smallest and no permanent scars are left after the treatment.  FUE hair transplant techniques are popular amongst women because most of the women suffering from thinning hair problem. Around 30% of women assured this is the perfect solution for thinning hair loss problem.

Cost of FUE hair transplant as compared to Europe countries

One of the most important aspects is cost. The cost of the FUE hair transplant treatment is depending upon the number of hair per graft. The average cost of the FUE hair transplant in India is 50-70rs. hair per graft and the cost of FUE hair transplant in Europe countries is $6 per graft that’s why most of the foreigner prefer India for FUE hair transplant treatment.

Why choose FUE hair transplant treatment?

There are following reasons why people choose FUE hair transplant treatment as compared to others.

Less invasive

FUE hair transplant treatment is less invasive treatment as compared to others techniques and no serious injury occurs during the process. This is the very safe procedure.

Painless process

DUE to less invasive FUE hair transplant techniques is the painless procedure. It doesn’t feel any pain during or after the surgery.

Low damage of hair

In hair transplant treatments during hair transplant surgery 5-10 % of hair follicles are damaged but FUE hair transplant techniques reduce it easily.

Restore youthfulness

After the FUE hair transplant treatment, you look younger and attractive once again and your bald patches are covered very easily.


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Dr. Vikas Gupta

I am Dr. Vikas Gupta I am hair transplant treatment specialist. I am tackled 2500 plus hair surgeries successfully. I using two types of techniques. FUE and FUT. You can check Hair Transplant Cost in Ludhiana Punjab India.

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