Comparing Apples to Apples in Hair Transplantation


By comparing apples with apples and oranges with oranges in hair transplantation procedure means the benchmarks to that the patient should rely on to predict an outcome.

The main motive of the hair transplantation is to provide the cosmetic improvement but this can have the different meaning to different people. One may seek for the hair transplantation because of different reasons like to feel better about one’s self, to feel more confident, to be more sexually appealing, to feel younger, to compete in their profession etc.

The different reasons generally reflect the hope of the people for the hair transplant results:

  • How will you look after the hair transplant?
  • How soon will you be able to realize the result?
  • Will your hair transplant look like your friend?
  • Will your hair transplant last long throughout your life?

Most of your queries will be discussed with your surgeon before the hair transplantation. But the most important part of the discussion should be to make sure that the results of an individual will never look like other person’s results and the final result could reflect the patient’s wishes.

Go through the answers of the following questions with which you can get the clear concept in hair transplantation:

Will your transplant look like the one your friend had a couple of years ago?

The comparison of the hair transplant results between two peoples, even if they are having the same age and gender, is like comparing apples to oranges. The variables like the head shape and the extent of hair loss greatly matters a lot. The techniques chosen by the hair physician can be different in two persons.

How soon may you be able to realize a final result?

As every hair transplantation comes as a result but the final result can take several months to come out. The variables like sessions needed for the hair transplant and hair loss progression. Therefore, it can take one-three-six months for the final result to come out effectively.

Will your transplant last the rest of your life?

If you are going through the best hair transplant in India then you can get the quality work in the treatment. As we all are aware that the hair follicles are transplanted from donor area to recipient area. The reliable predictors depend on the factors like (1) pattern and degree of hair loss in an individual, (2) the age of the person at which hair loss began, and (3) pattern and degree of the family background hair loss.


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I am Dr. Vikas Gupta I am hair transplant treatment specialist. I am tackled 2500 plus hair surgeries successfully. I using two types of techniques. FUE and FUT. You can check Hair Transplant Cost in Ludhiana Punjab India.

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