Advantages of BIOFUE hair transplant technique

123biofueHair loss has become one of the most commonly faced problems by a lot of people around us. It is the reason of decreasing the confidence of an individual. With the advanced technology, now it is not a big deal to cope up with these problems. One of the best, safe and most recommended surgery known as hair transplant is used to recover from these problems.

Various techniques are involved in hair transplant surgery. BIOFUE hair transplant in India is the technique which is highly recommended by doctors. Due to the best results of this technique, it is most commonly used.

BIOFUE hair transplant is an extension to the existing FUE hair transplant technique. In FUE hair transplant technique, individual hair follicles are transplanted from the donor site to a recipient site. Whereas in BIOFUE hair transplant technique, hair follicles along with the special growth factor known as serum is injected into the scalp. This serum is created using the patient’s own blood. The serum does their job and hair grows naturally.

BIOFUE is the safe and scar free procedure. As this surgery gives satisfactory and best results, so it is highly recommended for hair transplantation.

Hair transplant surgery is not only used to get lost hair, but it is the best surgery to get the desired look. Most of the people are going for this surgery just only to get the desired look.


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Dr. Vikas Gupta

I am Dr. Vikas Gupta I am hair transplant treatment specialist. I am tackled 2500 plus hair surgeries successfully. I using two types of techniques. FUE and FUT. You can check Hair Transplant Cost in Ludhiana Punjab India.

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