Hair Fall – How Much it is Too Much?


Are you strongly concerned with your hair? You may feel horrified by noticing the amount of hair that winds up on your shoulders rather than your scalp by the end of the day.

Surely, if this will go like this then you will be marveled that you hardly left any hair on your scalp. This thing is a kind of worrying.

Here in this post, you can find the answers about hair shedding that are very reassuring.

Why do we shed hair?

As the growth of hair occurs in three stages i.e. anagen or growth phase, catagen or rest phase, and telogen or falling phase, that means each and every hair strand will fall our and will going to be replaced with new one.

How do you know that you are shedding too much?

As per day, the average hair fall occurs 50 to 125 hair strands. If anything is occurring more than this then it could be the indication of abnormal shedding and you can discuss your issue with your hair stylist or any hair surgeon.

Does one hair type fall more than other types?

Actually not – from blondes to brunettes, redheads to natural black hair, all types of hair shed in the same manner. Those who are having curly hair are more tend to make their hair straight by brushing, blowing, or using any other technique that can cause more breakages. Also, by applying chemicals over your hair while coloring can lead to hair thinning problem.

What about hair washing?

It is recommended to wash your hair for two to three times in a week depending on the texture of hair as scalp needs a massage in circular motion for the healthy blood flow.

Are there any techniques that cause your hair fall more than normal?

Tight styling such as tight braids and ponytails can increase the concentration of hair shedding as these can put tensions over your hair. Therefore, these hairstyles must be avoided in your daily life so as to protect your hair from breakage.

What about pregnancy affects?

The post pregnancy phase can cause more hair shedding problem in women as compared to the nine months of pregnancy but yes essentially, pregnancy do affect the hair shedding problem.

What’s the key to which your hair can stay as long on your head and it’s meant too?

If you will handle your hair with care by providing quality time over them with proper nourishment then this could help in providing a healthy growth to your hair. In case, you have lost your hair to a large extent then you can have the option of best hair transplant in Jalandhar.


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