Hair Thinning in Women & what to do about it

Though women hardly experience a receding hairline, they lose hair just as men do. It may seem normal for a man to lose hair, but it is absolutely shameful for a woman to experience hair loss that culminates into baldness

In a local saying, it is said that hair is a source of respect for a woman and when a woman loses her hair, this is degenerative

Women hair loss start by experiencing thinning, especially in the sides of the forehead and the affected area will enlarge by time, though, without eroding hair from the crown region

In case you witness that a few hair strands fall out in a day, this is termed as normal. When hair loss is experienced every day yet it falls out in more than 110 strands a day, then there is need to worry

Stress, hormonal imbalances, thyroid diseases, and lifestyle influence the rate of hair loss in women.

In most cases, hair loss stops once the underlying condition is treated

Women can suffer from various types of hair loss, such as female pattern baldness and alopecia areata among others. You may never know the type and the best treatment unless you seek help from a dermatologist

Nonsurgical treatment options like Minoxidil, laser hair treatments, and therapies can help women grow their hair back. Avoiding strenuous hair styles can reduce hair loss

In case of extreme hair loss, hair transplant is also available to extract and implant hair in the affected scalp region.


The Reason Behind The Fake Hair Transplant Surgeons Today


To exclude the cash generated from the patients upon receiving a hair transplant, many surgeons, especially the fake ones are enticed by the trend and market of hair transplantation. There are a few who are motivated and urged by the love to help patients suffering from baldness and hair loss.

Dr. Blake Bloxham from a New York Hair transplant surgeon revealed that it took him a decade to properly master the procedure of a hair transplant. He also went on to say that his love to help out patients kept him going until today where he is one of the leading hair surgeons in New York.

Some fake surgeons roaming around in the hair transplantation not only spoil the image of the best surgeons, but also destroy the image of the sector. There are many patients who wander from one surgeon to another only to get the best results from a fourth surgeon and left with major scars

Any surgeon in the field of hair transplant in India shouldn’t only focus implanting hair, but also aim at patient satisfaction and transforming the patient for good. Many patients are skeptical about the results they will attain from the clinics depending on the past experience or friends’ experience.

In 1930, the modern ways of transferring hair from one region to another began i9n Japan. Take a look at the time period from then and today, how many hair transplant surgeons have the best tactics in performing these procedures?

A majority of surgeons has come into the field since hair loss treatments (hair transplant) became popular in early 2000s. This is why many are inexperienced and perhaps hire experienced technicians to perform the procedures.

Hair Fall – How Much it is Too Much?


Are you strongly concerned with your hair? You may feel horrified by noticing the amount of hair that winds up on your shoulders rather than your scalp by the end of the day.

Surely, if this will go like this then you will be marveled that you hardly left any hair on your scalp. This thing is a kind of worrying.

Here in this post, you can find the answers about hair shedding that are very reassuring.

Why do we shed hair?

As the growth of hair occurs in three stages i.e. anagen or growth phase, catagen or rest phase, and telogen or falling phase, that means each and every hair strand will fall our and will going to be replaced with new one.

How do you know that you are shedding too much?

As per day, the average hair fall occurs 50 to 125 hair strands. If anything is occurring more than this then it could be the indication of abnormal shedding and you can discuss your issue with your hair stylist or any hair surgeon.

Does one hair type fall more than other types?

Actually not – from blondes to brunettes, redheads to natural black hair, all types of hair shed in the same manner. Those who are having curly hair are more tend to make their hair straight by brushing, blowing, or using any other technique that can cause more breakages. Also, by applying chemicals over your hair while coloring can lead to hair thinning problem.

What about hair washing?

It is recommended to wash your hair for two to three times in a week depending on the texture of hair as scalp needs a massage in circular motion for the healthy blood flow.

Are there any techniques that cause your hair fall more than normal?

Tight styling such as tight braids and ponytails can increase the concentration of hair shedding as these can put tensions over your hair. Therefore, these hairstyles must be avoided in your daily life so as to protect your hair from breakage.

What about pregnancy affects?

The post pregnancy phase can cause more hair shedding problem in women as compared to the nine months of pregnancy but yes essentially, pregnancy do affect the hair shedding problem.

What’s the key to which your hair can stay as long on your head and it’s meant too?

If you will handle your hair with care by providing quality time over them with proper nourishment then this could help in providing a healthy growth to your hair. In case, you have lost your hair to a large extent then you can have the option of best hair transplant in Jalandhar.

3 Reasons Why You Must Come To Terms with Baldness


The hair loss effects can life challenging and are very traumatic. No one wants to lose the natural beauty of hair as they provide the crowning glory. It can be emotionally challenging to face the baldness and hair thinning problem.

Watching yourself in the mirror regularly and discovering the baldness problem can be very stressful. The strands of your head represent your youth, good health and provide the attractive look.

Here are 3 reasons why you must come to terms with baldness:

Social Effects

With hair loss, you can suffer from embarrassment, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and also other social problems. People with bald scalp or thinning hair are used to more feel shy and uncomfortable in front of their social contacts.

Psychological Effects

The early hair loss problem can lead to the person is a stressful, anxiety and depression and this condition is especially for those who used to value their looks.

Long-Term Effects

The genetic alopecia is a permanent problem and this usually occurs with age. The long-term effects of hair loss can destroy one’s life. But hair transplant in India is a permanent solution to this problem that can provide your hair follicles to re-grow again.


Fighting with Hair Loss Effectively – What Rules to Follow


What are the techniques that can help you getting rid of your thin hair? There exist some rules if you will follow then you can fight against your hair loss problem very effectively. These rules are not that much hard to do as you need to understand them completely first then you can follow them easily. By following these rules you will definitely on the road of growth of hair in no time.

Let us focus on these rules and regulations that might help you in re-growing your hair back in faster ways.

Rule #1: The very first rule is that you cannot trust on every single product of hair loss. Many of the products are made up of tons of ingredients that can harm your hair.

Rule #2: The second rule that you must follow is that you must make sure that the blood circulation is good in all the areas of your scalp. This is essential because hair follicle are in highly need of those nutrients that provide blood circulation to your scalp,

Rule #3: You must be selective in choosing the products for your hair shampoo, gels, and even sprays. The hair products contain the harsh chemical that can lead to the hair loss problem.

So, these are three rules that you can follow up to fight against the hair loss problem. But if your hair loss is on the large extent then you can go with hair transplant in Turkey. With this surgical treatment, you can get your natural growth of hair back.

Advantages of BIOFUE hair transplant technique

123biofueHair loss has become one of the most commonly faced problems by a lot of people around us. It is the reason of decreasing the confidence of an individual. With the advanced technology, now it is not a big deal to cope up with these problems. One of the best, safe and most recommended surgery known as hair transplant is used to recover from these problems.

Various techniques are involved in hair transplant surgery. BIOFUE hair transplant in India is the technique which is highly recommended by doctors. Due to the best results of this technique, it is most commonly used.

BIOFUE hair transplant is an extension to the existing FUE hair transplant technique. In FUE hair transplant technique, individual hair follicles are transplanted from the donor site to a recipient site. Whereas in BIOFUE hair transplant technique, hair follicles along with the special growth factor known as serum is injected into the scalp. This serum is created using the patient’s own blood. The serum does their job and hair grows naturally.

BIOFUE is the safe and scar free procedure. As this surgery gives satisfactory and best results, so it is highly recommended for hair transplantation.

Hair transplant surgery is not only used to get lost hair, but it is the best surgery to get the desired look. Most of the people are going for this surgery just only to get the desired look.

Hair Transplant Myths That Just Can’t Be Ignored


Hair transplant surgeries were in the past taken to be an abomination, but these days, the story is different. Many people are getting affected by immense hair loss and baldness and they can’t live with the kind of feelings that hair loss creates. Even with so, there are myths that have to be corrected for better ideas

Number one is the myth that hair transplant surgeries are a taboo. This can be a taboo to one person and to another, it’s not. This surgery was innovated because of the need to permanently end hair loss and baldness. There are many people who live a happier life after these surgeries.

The next is that hair transplant surgeries are involved with substantial scars. The surgeries are not all about creating scars except a linear scar created in FUT. With the help of an expert, the scar is reduced and the hair in the donor area can be used to cover the scar. There are also other treatments like Botox treatment and laser scar removal used to get rid of the scar

The other myth is being painful. Hair transplant surgeries are performed after anesthesia is given to a patient to create numbness during the procedure. Antibiotics and painkillers are at the end given to the patient to prevent infections and pain. Maximum care is expected from the patient while taking care of the scalp at home.

These surgeries have been beneficial to many patients and Hair Transplant in India is one of the fields that have increased the inflow of patients from various countries. These surgeries are performed by well-trained and qualified surgeons to satisfactorily treat patients suffering from baldness and all types of hair conditions.