Advantages of BIOFUE hair transplant technique

123biofueHair loss has become one of the most commonly faced problems by a lot of people around us. It is the reason of decreasing the confidence of an individual. With the advanced technology, now it is not a big deal to cope up with these problems. One of the best, safe and most recommended surgery known as hair transplant is used to recover from these problems.

Various techniques are involved in hair transplant surgery. BIOFUE hair transplant in India is the technique which is highly recommended by doctors. Due to the best results of this technique, it is most commonly used.

BIOFUE hair transplant is an extension to the existing FUE hair transplant technique. In FUE hair transplant technique, individual hair follicles are transplanted from the donor site to a recipient site. Whereas in BIOFUE hair transplant technique, hair follicles along with the special growth factor known as serum is injected into the scalp. This serum is created using the patient’s own blood. The serum does their job and hair grows naturally.

BIOFUE is the safe and scar free procedure. As this surgery gives satisfactory and best results, so it is highly recommended for hair transplantation.

Hair transplant surgery is not only used to get lost hair, but it is the best surgery to get the desired look. Most of the people are going for this surgery just only to get the desired look.


Hair Transplant Myths That Just Can’t Be Ignored


Hair transplant surgeries were in the past taken to be an abomination, but these days, the story is different. Many people are getting affected by immense hair loss and baldness and they can’t live with the kind of feelings that hair loss creates. Even with so, there are myths that have to be corrected for better ideas

Number one is the myth that hair transplant surgeries are a taboo. This can be a taboo to one person and to another, it’s not. This surgery was innovated because of the need to permanently end hair loss and baldness. There are many people who live a happier life after these surgeries.

The next is that hair transplant surgeries are involved with substantial scars. The surgeries are not all about creating scars except a linear scar created in FUT. With the help of an expert, the scar is reduced and the hair in the donor area can be used to cover the scar. There are also other treatments like Botox treatment and laser scar removal used to get rid of the scar

The other myth is being painful. Hair transplant surgeries are performed after anesthesia is given to a patient to create numbness during the procedure. Antibiotics and painkillers are at the end given to the patient to prevent infections and pain. Maximum care is expected from the patient while taking care of the scalp at home.

These surgeries have been beneficial to many patients and Hair Transplant in India is one of the fields that have increased the inflow of patients from various countries. These surgeries are performed by well-trained and qualified surgeons to satisfactorily treat patients suffering from baldness and all types of hair conditions.

The Beard Transplants on the Rise


From several years, the popularity of the men’s facial hair has been changed certainly. You can see many online publications reporting on beard transplant.

Even you can notice the various celebrities on red carpet coming with different styles of beard as this fashion trend is increasing day by day. Now the demand for the beard transplant is on the rise as some people want the look similar with Brad Pitt and George Clooney while other want the moustaches like Tom Selleck.

Also, the hair transplant surgeons say that the trend for the beard hair transplant is leading from past 8 years. The men between the 24-40 ages want more creative and witty look with the beard.

Beard and goatees are very much demanding as with these men can get a macho loom and it represents a lot about them. With best hair transplant in India, you can get any shape and design of beard on your face. You can represent a professional or fun look to others through beard transplant.

Understanding Your Hair Loss Problem


The hair loss condition is also known as alopecia and this kind of condition usually leads to the pattern baldness problem in both males and females. This is a serious problem as almost 60% of the males are suffering from the male pattern baldness before they reach age 60. There are various treatments that are available in the market to get rid of hair loss but you must keep in mind their side effects as most of the people act as a foolish while choosing the products.

The hair loss is a process that does not occurs instantly but happens slowly by slow and hence makes the pattern baldness. There are a number of hairstyles like pigtails, cornrows or even tight braids can lead to the hair loss over the longer period of time. In diet, lack of essential nutrition, vitamins and proteins can lead to hair loss problem. Hair loss can become a permanent situation and in the case of alopecia, the certain amount of hair follicles gets damaged.

If you want the cheap and best solution for alopecia then you can go with best hair transplant in India. This treatment if done in the correct manner then does not lead to any side effect.

Get The Right Hair Transplant And Save Your Wealth


Baldness has caused so much harm on many individual today. This is even worse when hair loss begins in the early 20s. The effects of hair loss for a man or a woman range from psychological disorders to social difficulties. One is stressed and at the same time loses his or her self-esteem and confidence.

Many have resorted to hair transplants to get a permanent solution for hair loss and balding heads which are fine but the truth is that unless you get the right hair transplant procedure, you are just wasting your time and money.

Male and Female hair loss treatment and surgeries are expensive and they have caused many patients’ wealth to decline from the starting point. The right surgery and treatment by the help of experts can help you financially, physically and mentally.

Another thing to note is that it is not only hair transplant surgeries that will help you solve hair loss problems. Having a one on one talk with the doctor can boost you up to live confidently and reduce the effects of hair loss on you as a patient. Approach the surgeon for the right technique and treatment to save your money in the long run.


Say NO to Hair Loss and YES to Hair Transplantation


It is a very normal thing to dislike hair loss. From the 1950s till today, many hair restoration techniques has been developed and the techniques are improved steadily. Many medical and surgical treatments of hair loss have greatly helped in the improvement of male-pattern baldness to a good extent.

Some of the men want to take the advantages of the hair restoration technologies but are still hesitant.  They are still unable to ignore the old beliefs about the men and also about the hair loss beliefs.

Some believe that:

  • Hair loss pattern is the part of men’s life and has to be accepted by them.
  • No matter, how much hair loss problem troubles the men or how much lowers the level of their self-esteem, they have to pretend normal.
  • They have to accept the teasing factor with good grace.

These old beliefs about hair loss will make men suffer from the greater hair loss problem. Their co-workers can also make their fun at their back.

But in the 21st century, the men are more likely to ignore the old beliefs. They accept many hair restoration techniques like hair transplant rather than accepting the hair loss beliefs.

Now a man can easily say no to the hair loss problem by going through the hair transplant in Ambala. He can:

  • Consult with the best hair transplant surgeon
  • Choose any FUE or FUT hair transplant surgery
  • Easily get his natural hair back with hair transplant surgery


Comparing Apples to Apples in Hair Transplantation


By comparing apples with apples and oranges with oranges in hair transplantation procedure means the benchmarks to that the patient should rely on to predict an outcome.

The main motive of the hair transplantation is to provide the cosmetic improvement but this can have the different meaning to different people. One may seek for the hair transplantation because of different reasons like to feel better about one’s self, to feel more confident, to be more sexually appealing, to feel younger, to compete in their profession etc.

The different reasons generally reflect the hope of the people for the hair transplant results:

  • How will you look after the hair transplant?
  • How soon will you be able to realize the result?
  • Will your hair transplant look like your friend?
  • Will your hair transplant last long throughout your life?

Most of your queries will be discussed with your surgeon before the hair transplantation. But the most important part of the discussion should be to make sure that the results of an individual will never look like other person’s results and the final result could reflect the patient’s wishes.

Go through the answers of the following questions with which you can get the clear concept in hair transplantation:

Will your transplant look like the one your friend had a couple of years ago?

The comparison of the hair transplant results between two peoples, even if they are having the same age and gender, is like comparing apples to oranges. The variables like the head shape and the extent of hair loss greatly matters a lot. The techniques chosen by the hair physician can be different in two persons.

How soon may you be able to realize a final result?

As every hair transplantation comes as a result but the final result can take several months to come out. The variables like sessions needed for the hair transplant and hair loss progression. Therefore, it can take one-three-six months for the final result to come out effectively.

Will your transplant last the rest of your life?

If you are going through the best hair transplant in India then you can get the quality work in the treatment. As we all are aware that the hair follicles are transplanted from donor area to recipient area. The reliable predictors depend on the factors like (1) pattern and degree of hair loss in an individual, (2) the age of the person at which hair loss began, and (3) pattern and degree of the family background hair loss.